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package org.xwiki.test.ui;

import org.junit.Assert;

import org.apache.commons.lang3.RandomStringUtils;
import org.junit.Test;
import org.xwiki.appwithinminutes.test.po.EntryEditPage;
import org.xwiki.test.po.xe.ClassSheetPage;
import org.xwiki.test.po.xe.DataTypesPage;
import org.xwiki.test.ui.po.ViewPage;
import org.xwiki.test.ui.po.editor.ClassEditPage;

* Tests the default class sheet (XWiki.ClassSheet).
* @version $Id: eaa05b76c382cd7d7c0083a33be80cf8fb1f4c9f $
* @since 4.5
public class ClassSheetTest extends AbstractAdminAuthenticatedTest
     * Tests the process of creating a class, its template, its sheet and an instance.
    public void createClass()
        String spaceName = getTestClassName();
        String className = RandomStringUtils.randomAlphabetic(5);
        String classDocName = className + "Class";
        String classTitle = className + " Class";
        String pageName = getTestMethodName();
        // Make sure the document doesn't exist.
        getUtil().deletePage(spaceName, pageName);

        // Create the class document.
        DataTypesPage dataTypesPage = DataTypesPage.gotoPage();
        String dataTypesPageTitle = dataTypesPage.getDocumentTitle();
        Assert.assertTrue(dataTypesPage.isClassListed("Blog", "BlogPostClass"));
        Assert.assertFalse(dataTypesPage.isClassListed(spaceName, classDocName));
        ClassSheetPage classSheetPage = dataTypesPage.createClass(spaceName, className);
        Assert.assertEquals(classTitle, classSheetPage.getDocumentTitle());
        Assert.assertTrue(classSheetPage.hasBreadcrumbContent(dataTypesPageTitle, false));

        // Add a property.
        ClassEditPage classEditor = classSheetPage.clickDefineClassLink();
        classEditor.addProperty("color", "String").setPrettyName("Your favorite color");

        // Add a new property.
        classEditor = classSheetPage.clickEditClassLink();
        classEditor.addProperty("age", "Number").setPrettyName("Your current age");

        // We have to wait for the page to load because Selenium doesn't do it all the time when we click on Save & View
        // (even if the Save & View button triggers a plain form submit; there must be something with the JavaScript
        // code that is executed on submit that interferes with Selenium).

        // Assert that the properties are listed.
        Assert.assertTrue(classSheetPage.hasProperty("color", "Your favorite color", "String"));
        Assert.assertTrue(classSheetPage.hasProperty("age", "Your current age", "Number"));

        // Create and bind a sheet.
        classSheetPage = classSheetPage.clickCreateSheetButton().clickBindSheetLink();
        ViewPage sheetPage = classSheetPage.clickSheetLink();
        Assert.assertEquals(className + " Sheet", sheetPage.getDocumentTitle());

        // Create the template.
        classSheetPage = classSheetPage.clickCreateTemplateButton().clickAddObjectToTemplateLink();
        ViewPage templatePage = classSheetPage.clickTemplateLink();
        Assert.assertEquals(className + " Template", templatePage.getDocumentTitle());
        // The default edit button should take us to the In-line edit mode.
        EntryEditPage editPage = new EntryEditPage();
        editPage.setValue("color", "red");
        editPage.setValue("age", "13");

        // Create a document based on the class template.
        Assert.assertEquals(spaceName, classSheetPage.getSpaceNameInput().getAttribute("value"));
        editPage = classSheetPage.createNewDocument(spaceName, pageName);

        Assert.assertEquals(pageName, editPage.getDocumentTitle());
        Assert.assertEquals("red", editPage.getValue("color"));
        Assert.assertEquals("13", editPage.getValue("age"));

        editPage.setValue("color", "blue");
        editPage.setValue("age", "27");
        ViewPage viewPage = editPage.clickSaveAndView();

        Assert.assertEquals(pageName, viewPage.getDocumentTitle());
        Assert.assertEquals("Your favorite color\nblue\nYour current age\n27", viewPage.getContent());

        // Assert the created document is listed.

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